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All my Friends

This is scratching a weird itch that started when I saw my friends mostly online.

What is happening?!

The project is built via shadow-cljs. You can run a dev build like so:

clojure -A:cljs -m shadow.cljs.devtools.cli server app

This starts a web server at localhost:8080 and also starts an nRPL server that you can connect to in your editor

Similarly, a production-optimized app can be generated via

clojure -A:cljs -m shadow.cljs.devtools.cli release app

If you want to get detailed info about bundle size, try:

clojure -A:cljs -m app report.html

The server component has to be started separately. You probably want to do this from within your editor while developing (see below).

Important paths

  • src/heyarne/all_my_friends/server.clj: Contains a simple HTTP server that serves static files and has a handler for uploads
  • src/heyarne/all_my_friends/client.cljs: Is the starting point for the client application
  • resources/config.edn: Uses aero for configuration.
  • resources/public: Contains HTML and CSS files. resources/public/js is automatically compiled.
  • deps.edn: Client and server dependencies and build configuration
  • shadow-cljs.edn: Client-side build config for shadow-cljs